Ask Ms. Rarity

Ditzy, I had no idea you felt that way! Maybe I’ll kick you in the stomach a few times before dinner to thank you for posting this.

Your blog is dead :C

((Yeah, sorry about that. I’ve been busy for a few weeks, but I’ll be able to update again soon.

I’m in the process of replacing my laptop at the moment though. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post something new by Sunday.))

Oops forgot to update.

((Sorry for missing the last update, but I’ve been really busy lately. I’m going to be doing smaller/less story focused updates for a while, but first I need more questions (seeing as I haven’t received any new questions in over a month.) You can ask Rarity or any of her “entourage” questions about anything.

So send me some questions, I’ll update next week, see you guys then.))

I suppose the silver lining to all this would be that we’ve figured out that Vinyl is still in there. She just can’t move or talk. Still, it is good to know.

Don’t forget to ask anything that might be on your minds, darlings! I really don’t want this to become a clipshow of Ditzy’s various necro-sexual conquests! -Rarity

I’m not exactly sure why her new quartz horn keeps playing songs, but it is nice to have a little musical ambiance around the place. Even if the songs are all incredibly sad tunes. -Rarity

Don’t forget to send more questions, darlings. Next time I might let you take a look at my inspiration room!

I’ll be back next update, darlings! With a whole new outfit that Ditzy is going to model for us! -Rarity

I can’t wait! -Derpy 6o9

Scootaloo’s up next. Ask her anything.